About Edit

Astrina is a seedrian of unknown plant/flower, but is said to be a rose. She's an upbeat seedrian who was able to escape from the disasters of her original planet. She currently resides in a forest. She is not of any team, she has no idea about Sonic's crew, nor has she ever heard of Cosmo. She is well alone, with the supplies that she needs, and can easily get more if it all runs out. She knows that someday, she will be found and killed, and does not care as long as everyone else - who she not knows - is safe.


Information and traits Edit

She is 14 years old, though a bit childish for her age. She is of the good allignment, and sometimes helps others - by mistake - setting up traps, though it's not always the bad guy falling for them.

Her hobbies includes traps, cooking, hunting and singing. She sleeps in trees with lots of leaves in order to escape from "predators".

She lies very often in order to not get into trouble and people usually believe these lies. Besides that, she's willing to leave supplies scattered around so weaklings can attempt to survive while lost.

She is not known of having any "powers"/"abilities". She does everything by hand.