Cosmi, while she was talking with Cosmo in Seedrian Adventures EP 4

Cosmi is known as "Oranged Seedrian" because of her color, her and her family survived the Metarex attack, but then, she got lost and got saved by Cosmo and her friends, Cosmi is in mission to find her family...(...)


Bff: Cosmo, Tailsi

Friends: Cosmails(CosmoXTails fan children), Neontina.

Current age:8

Likes: Plants, orange, friends, Cosmo, Cosmails, Galaxina, Tailsi, Captina.

Dislikes: Metarex, plant killers, enemies, black.

Seedrian AdventuresEdit

Her unique family member is her sister Captina, the rest of the family wont appear

 until the episode of Seedrian Adventures EP 19 appears...

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