Name: CosmicEdit

Age: 12

Seedrian Species: Raccoon

Personality: Smart,Clean Pal,Kind Hearted\

Names: Raccoon Creep (May Kanker) Raccoon Person (Kevin) Raccoon Nut (Edd) Lil' Raccoon (Eddy) The Miss Raccoon Dummy (Sarah) Odd Girl (Ed) Raccoon Girl (Rolf) Smart Raccoon (Nazz and Marie Kanker) Miss Raccoony Girl(Lee Kanker)

Friends: Nazz,Ed,Edd,Eddy,Marie,Rolf,May,Kuki Sanban,Susie (Rugrats),Lee Kanker,Rigby,Abigail (KND),The DeVille Twins (Rugrats),Trixie Tang (FOP),March,Coraline,Tina and Louise (Bob's Burgers)

Rivals: Kevin,Sarah

Hair: Lighter Brown

Clothing: Different Colors

Favroite Stuff: Drawing Anime on Paper

Likes: Eddy's Retro Room

Dislikes: Bad Words

Voiced by: Miley Cyrus

Type of FC: EEnE Fan Made Character

Theme Song: Fields of Innocence by Evanescence

Birth Name: Cosmic Kay McCory

Parents: Joey and Marie

Animal Pals: Faith the Catfox

Song: Sugar by Flo Rida and Papi by JLO

Random Stuff: Carmeldancing in Her Large Bedroom

Birthdate: May 17th 2000

Deathdate: July 14, 20X6

Silbings: Mary (14) and Joe (6)

Breakfast: Omlettes

Weird and Random Stuff She Does: Run with Her Hands Tucked to Fists on Her Chest and Scream Random Words

Most Mad and Dangerous Times: She Is At Her Most Angeriest Times when: Her Bratz Dolls Are Stolen and Used as A Therat by Sarah and When Her Hair is In A Dumb Way

Birh Place: Raccoon Land

Cosmic was killed by Postal Dude when he pulled out a grenade, removed the pin and stuck it in his mouth. I REGRET NOTHING.