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Cosmo the Seedrian
No Cosmo the Seedrian
The Main Protagonist of the Series

Super Form

Solar Cosmos




Galaxina, Earthia, saving the world, flowers, Daisy, Starla, SunSeed, Violet, her super form, adventure


violence, war, world danger, Metaerx


Galaxina the Seedrian (sister)

Earthia the Seedrian (mother)



Voiced by

Amy Birnbaum

and later Alyson Court

The main protagonist of the series. She always tries to save the world, and her own homeland. She is a kind and adventurous girl.

Cosmo the SeedrianEdit


Cosmo wears blooming flower assecrries on her hear and has slightly long light green hair. Cosmo wears a sleeveless T-Shirt that is white with a red amulet on her chest.


A kind and gentle seedrian young girl, who will save her home no matter what. Cosmo saves the world like it's a everyday's job. She is nice, easy-going, adventurous, generous, and determine. She becomes more confident in herself than in the anime. Her crush on Tails seems to also have faded away. Her character seems to grow more optimistic than was in Sonic X.

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