Rosa the Seedrian






her sisters, Galaxina, Cosmo, Earthia, Ashley, SunSeed, Daffodil, Starla, Daisy, flowers, gardenning water, helping others


Metarex, war, world danger, somebody harming her sister Violetta

Voiced by

Olivia Olson


Rosa the eco-friendly seedrian, who is the older sister of Violetta and the baby triple.

Rosa the SeedrianEdit


Rosa is the older sister of Violetta, Lime, Cherry, and Apple. Unlike Violetta, Rosa is less shy than her sister, and rather quite talkative for teens her age. But does care for her sisters deeply. She also cares for her friends. She is often shown to be outgoing, friendly, upbeat, and motherly. At times, when Violetta is too shy to talk, she'll speak for Violetta.

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