Personality Edit

Scarlet is Icy's best friend and the club president, so when she's just hanging out, she's laid back, carefree, kinda goofy. On the other hand, If she's doing something important, like calling a club meeting, she's very mature, calm, stern, but still very caring.

Likes and dislikes Edit

Likes: Edit

Scarlet Likes To write, she Likes Reading. Her Friends (And Food!) Are The Most important Thin

g To Her. She Cares Deeply About Her Club, And Loves Plants.

Dislikes: Edit

Scarlet Hates Plant Killers, The Meterex, Someone Trying To Hurt Her Friends, (or Really She Doesn't Like the Idea Of Any seedrian, Mobian, Human, Plant Or Animal She's Ever Met Getting Hurt, Unless You Hurt Her FRiends, Or Take Her food!)

Trivia Edit

  • Scarlet is Icy's best friend
  • She is the club president of the rainbow writing club
  • She's An Expert Plant Healer,
  • She has Bad handwriting.
  • She dosen't Like To Draw.
  • she Loves To color,
  • Me And Her Have The Same Birthday, March tenth.