Venus the Seedrian
The vain anti-hero of the series






being alone, beating Cosmo, dark flowers, collecting nectar


doing nothing, helping people, Metarex, Cosmo and her seedrian friends (to a degree)

Voiced by



Venus the vain seedrian, who is a current anti-hero of the series, who is a rival against Cosmo.

Venus the SeedrianEdit


Venus is somewhat cruel and jealous seedrian. She is vain towards Cosmo as well as the other seedrians. But it is hinted strongly in the series, she has a lonely side. It is implied that Venus is jealous of Cosmo because of her pure-hearted spirit, but won't admit it. Despite her bad behavior, she can be kind at times. She is also stubborn and somewhat over-confident. Venus isn't completely heartless; in a few games she'll assist Cosmo and her friends to save the world before darkness. Venus loves that flowers are dead and other plants. Not much of her past is known.

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